Rates and Information

Reservations: Two Nights is the Two Dam minimum

Prices adjusted by Season or Special Events

Two Dam Days in the River Studio ranges from $99 to $360+ per night
Two Dam Days in the Tree Top Loft ranges from $135 to $410+ per night

Of course you can stay longer if you are Two Dam fond of the peaceful beauty.

Should you need to rent Two Dam Units together for your friends or family we are only Two Dam happy to work with you.

There are not Two Dam many rules.

The WiFi is Two Dam cheap (it is free) so don’t hesitate to make use of it. Just remember it might not be Two Dam fast. No password is required. Also, being in a rural area don’t be Two Dam surprised if it occasionally is not working. Usually it only takes an hour or so to come back up. It is especially prone to being out during thunderstorms. The same applies to the satellite TV.

Of course your cell service will certainly work but we won’t spread that around if you prefer to be off the grid during your stay. You can always tell folks that you are Two Dam far out for services.

Of course you can fish, wade, swim, float and do all of those river things in the river. (Well, within reason anyway and some clothing is highly recommended) You do so at your own risk, so be careful and watch out for those who might not swim well. Oh, and it IS a river, so don’t be Two Dam surprised if the bottom is muddy, the rocks are slippery and there are bugs. There are Two Dam many turtles to count but they will certainly try to avoid you.

We are not Two Dam picky about check-out time, but should you plan to stay past 2:00 pm on the day of departure please let us know.

All the appliance and amenities in the cottages are for you to use and enjoy. If you have any questions about operating them, don’t be Two Dam shy about contacting us.

We do not want to be Two Dam intrusive during your stay, so we do not provide daily housekeeping services. Should you need fresh towels or linens just let us know.

Please be careful on the grounds as the area is often not Two Dam level. Shoes are highly recommended as you may encounter stickers.

Please keep any fire in the fire grills that are provided by the pavilion. No ground fires are permitted as it is Two Dam dry, even with the river only a few feet away.

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